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4 Tips for Boarding your Dog

As the holiday season approaches and travel plans finalize it’s important to make sure that accommodations are taken care of for ALL family members, including the four-legged ones!

Read below for four important tips when boarding your dog:

Know Your Dog Is your dog a picky eater? A nervous nellie? An early bird or a night owl? Do they sleep best crated or with someone? Let your boarder know so they can do their best to accommodate your pup. A facility with cage-free options is good for dogs who aren’t fond of crates. Consider “deluxe services” for older dogs or those with health concerns that require more one-on-one attention and breaks throughout the day. Have a high energy dog? Look for a place that allows them to play all day and tire them out for a good night’s rest. At Stone Dog, we want to find the best fit for your baby. We have tons of options from cozy covered crates to the ultimate inn experience where they can sleep side by side with our innkeeper. Maybe your dog is more independent and prefers the company of humans over other dogs? We have in-home options as well! The beauty of an intimate, boutique facility is that we can cater to the needs of your dog and help them have the most enjoyable stay possible.

Plan Early Especially around the holiday season, facilities book up fast! A quality boarding facility will likely have a more lengthy process than solely putting your name in their books, and for good reason. A kennel that cares will make sure that not only is your dog a good fit for them, but that they are a good fit for you! Be wary of places that don’t want to show you around or run a trial or temperament test prior to your stay. It’s important to know first-hand where your dog will be playing, sleeping and eating and what their day will look like during their stay. Ask lots of questions and get to know the staff as well! After all, they’ll be looking after your baby for days or even weeks!

Get Your Dog Comfortable Dogs, kids and adults alike can feel scared and uncomfortable in a new place. This is why it’s so important to get them adjusted to the facility, staff, and a group environment before you leave them for your travels. Not only will planning early increase your chances of securing a spot but it will also give your dog plenty of time to feel safe in a boarding environment. We encourage booking a few days of camp to get your dog feeling happy and confident at Stone Dog and with the staff here. We also require a trial overnight before your big trip so we can find the perfect fit for your pup and they can learn that Mom or Dad always comes back! Since we’re a small setting, dogs routinely are getting one-on-one attention and building relationships with each member of our crew. We also have campers who visit consistently each week and recognize right away familiar pack members! If you know your dog is happy and excited to come to camp or for a sleepover, the more relaxed you can be on vacation knowing they’re having just as much fun (maybe even more)!

Have a Back-Up Plan Even with advance preparations and planning, sometimes things happen and your dog needs to have a back-up plan in case the facility can’t take them. Emergencies like snow-storms, power outages, or other incidents might cause the facility to need to close its doors or find other arrangements for their boarding dogs. For these reasons, it’s important to have an emergency contact who can safely house or watch your dog for the remainder of your trip.

Trips are so much more enjoyable when you know everyone is having a blast! We at Stone Dog Inn always make sure you know your pups are well-loved with Instagram pictures every day, small group sizes for extra-attention, and a healthy and safe environment that they can feel at home in. We encourage you to set up a meet and greet and see for yourself!

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