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  • How do I schedule a trial?
    Once you submit a contact form on our website, you will receive an email with an onboarding form. Once that is completed we can schedule a trial date. We only hold trials on Mondays by appointment only. Once passed you will receive all the info needed to start your dog in camp! Our onboarding process is tailored per dog, some dogs may need more time to adjust than others!
  • What does a trial entail?
    Our trials are held by our trained staff on-site with every new dog. During this time, we introduce each pup to a small group to see how they interact with other dogs, as well as humans. We look for several factors to ensure that they are safe & happy entering our environment. As they get more comfortable, the goal is to introduce them to additional dogs and assess their comfort level. Our team observes how the dog interacts with the other dogs to determine if an open-play environment is right for them. If your dog is not ready for an open play environment, our team can make some recommendations based on the behaviors we saw during the trial. Each dog is different, and we will never force a dog to enjoy our setting. This process assesses your dogs temperament to determine if Stone Dog Inn is the right fit for you and your family!
  • What steps do you take to ensure my dog is healthy?
    We require up-to-date vaccinations for each dog that enters our Inn. Additionally, we screen for any symptoms of contagious illnesses and immediately notify parents if their dog is showing any unwanted symptoms. Each room of our inn is equipped with Aerapy Animal Health units, which use UV disinfection to kill viral and bacterial pathogens including kennel cough, canine influenza and parvovirus. Our team disinfects our turfed and indoor areas daily. While we take every precaution, it is not uncommon for dogs to experience typical illnesses associated with group play.
  • What are the benefits of doggie daycare?
    Besides giving you as parents a peace of mind and a safe place to leave your pup, Stone Dog offers a safe and welcoming environment for every dog that walks through our doors. Our open play environment encourages socialization, exercise and lots of fun. We offer plenty of free play time and mental stimulation which helps every pet thrive. We strive to create a stress-free environment where your dog can create confidence and grow, both mentally and physically.
  • What do I bring?
    For boarding and camp, our pet parents only need to bring individually packaged meals and any medications needed. We provide the rest! We have an assortment of beds, blankets, food & water bowls, and shared toys. We do not accept the use of any flee collars, so those most be removed prior to arriving!
  • Can I schedule an overnight stay?
    We require each dog to successfully pass a trial and an overnight trial prior to any boarding reservations. Typically, most dogs need a couple of camp days prior to an overnight stay. All boarding dogs attend camp during the day, so their comfort and safety is our top priority. While the timeline is different for each dog, some dogs may need more camp time to get fully acclimated. We cannot guarantee your dog will be ready for a boarding stay without a trial overnight.
  • Can my dog board without attending camp?
    The nature of our Inn is very different than traditional kennel settings. Our boarding dogs and camp dogs spend the day together, so in order for your pup to board with us, they must attend camp. We require the same trial process for both services. If your dog is only boarding with us, we ask that they join us for camp prior to a stay to ensure they are comfortable in our setting!
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