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 At Stone Dog Inn we believe your dog deserves a vacation too!

After a fun day of complimentary day camp with their friends, your dog will be exhausted and ready for a peaceful night's rest. With our wide variety of boarding options, each pup is sure to have the most comfortable night and be well-rested for another day of play when the sun rises!

We offer a variety of additional options including bedtime CBD supplements and frozen Kongs.

We also administer any medications needed during your pup's stay.  

We provide everything needed for your pup to enjoy their stay with us. This includes plush blankets, comfy beds, water and food bowls, toys, etc. We accommodate all meal types and have proper storage for refrigerated or frozen meals. This means you only need to pack your pups labeled, individually portioned meals, and any medications needed.

 Throughout our Inn, you will hear the comforting sounds of calm sleep music playing to

make sure your dog feels right at home. We strive to provide a calm and relaxing atmosphere for your four-legged baby!


We offer a variety of boarding options to accommodate all ages, and preferences.

Premier Overnight (comfy crate area): $100/night

Luxury Overnigh(free range): $115/night

Innkeeper Overnight (1-on-1): $150/night

Ultimately, our pack members will sleep where they are safest and most comfortable. We cannot guarantee Luxury or Innkeeper accommodations for every pup.

We require a successful overnight trial prior to any overnight stays. 

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