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Becoming Part of Our Stone Dog Inn Family

Thank you so much for your interest in joining our family! Here at Stone Dog Inn we believe in finding the best fit for everyone! That being said our onboarding process is a bit lengthier than others might be. For more information on why that is, check out our blog on Tips for Boarding Your Dog.

Joining The Pack To take the first step, please head over to our main page and select “Join our Pack”. This information is sent directly to us and allows us to call you at a time that works best to learn more about your pup! A primary goal of ours is to build long lasting relationships with our clients as well as our pups. As a result, we cannot accept or return phone calls during certain times of the day to ensure that during those time periods we are giving our clients our full attention. Once we receive a new client request, we call as close to the time requested as possible for our phone interview.

The Phone Interview

We’ve found that an initial phone interview allows us to share information on our services, talk about our policies and prices but most importantly, learn more about your pup and determine if he or she would be a good fit! Remember, every dog is different and a camp setting may not always be the best fit and that’s OK! This interview is a chance for us to learn as much as possible before mutually deciding to move forward. We encourage you to ask as many questions as possible, it’s important for us that you feel 100% comfortable with our services.

The health and safety of our dogs and yours is always our number one priority, and we ask that all vaccinations be current and be sent to us prior to arrival on our property. The vaccinations we require at SDI are Rabies, Distemper, Bordetella as well as a NEGATIVE fecal analysis within the past year. We also accept titer testing in lieu of some vaccines.

Our Meet & Greets

M&G’s are held on Saturday & Sunday mornings and spaces do fill up quickly. The M&G is an opportunity for you and your dog to receive a behind-the-scenes tour, meet our staff and see all that our facility has to offer before sending your loved one off to camp for their first day! Prior to your arrival you should complete our M&G form.

Please be mindful that while we may still offer M&G’s during inclement weather, our mission is to keep all the dogs safe. As such, we may need to cancel M&Gs or hurry parts of the tour along.

The Half Day Trial

Congratulations this is a big step! Our half day trials take place throughout the week and are complementary. While our usual drop-off window is 7-9 AM, we require new dogs to arrive between 7-7:30 AM. Arriving first allows your pup a slower introduction to our pack, as they have the opportunity to greet each dog as they arrive. Pickup time is promptly at 1PM. During the half day trial we assess your dog’s behavior with both our staff as well as our pups and do our best to determine if we are the right fit for each other. Should there be any troubles, we may call for an early pickup so please have a contact local that day. Once your dog has passed the half day trial you will receive a welcome email allowing you to access our online booking system, Propetware. Here you can request future half or full days of camp.

The Overnight Trial

An overnight trial is necessary for dogs that would like the option of boarding with us. These are offered on a more limited basis so please check with our staff when determining what day works best. Your pup will come to SDI in the morning, have a full day of play then spend the night with us and then pick up the following morning during regular pickup hours. We have a large assortment of bedding as well as bowls and toys available so we do ask that you pack only what’s necessary. Once they pass their overnight trial then they are ready to vacation with us!

Thank you for taking the time to explore Stone Dog Inn. We pride ourselves on providing quality care to all the dogs in our pack. While our onboarding process may seem long, we promise you won’t find a more warm and loving home-away-from-home for your baby!

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