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Better Teeth, Better Health!

Brushing your dog’s teeth does not seem like such a big deal when they are young and their teeth are white and sparkling but it actually is the most important time to start brushing their teeth!

Young puppies are a whole lot easier to get into the routine of teeth brushing so they don’t become scared of it and brushing early on prevents the build-up of tartar! Knowing that tooth brushing is nothing to be scared of and slowly getting your pup used to the taste of the tooth paste and the process is an easy way to prevent tartar.

What is tartar (not the sauce)? Tartar is the hardened form of plaque that becomes a great place for bacteria to grow. What does this lead to?? BAD BREATH. Regular tooth brushing is the best way to prevent this as your dog gets older. Tartar can also become an issue when it becomes so severe that it causes periodontal disease. In these severe cases, bacteria enter the bloodstream through the gums and cause infection throughout the body.

Do not be alarmed! The best thing you can do at home is give your pup a brushing.

Here at Stone Dog Inn & Spaw, we offer teeth brushing during all of our visit types! Whether your pup is staying for daycare, a spaw date or a boarding visit, we can brush your pups teeth. This is not only for the youngsters either! Any age dog can benefit from tooth brushing. Schedule yours today on ProPet!

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