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Bye Bye Germs!

You might be wondering the secret behind how we at Stone Dog Inn & Spaw keep our place so clean and, well, not smelling like dogs? Our secret is the Pet Airapy UV systems. We have these throughout to keep SDI and they keep our air clean and smell-free.

We trust the Pet Airapy systems because they not only work but they are backed by research, studies and tests. The results showed that having a Pet Airapy system installed was not only successful in reducing the smell from animals but also reducing the number of pathogens in the air (a.k.a germs)! "PetAirapy’s upper air system, the Zone360, was used in a three-year field study in the kitten nursery of an animal shelter. Study results showed a remarkable 87.1% reduction in upper respiratory infections (URIs)". In fact, this UV technology is proven to kill 99.9% of tested viruses and bacteria.

Here at Stone Dog Inn & Spaw, we use Pet Airapy systems throughout our indoor spaces and believe it is a must for a multimodal sanitation system! Rest assured that your beloved pet is getting the best of the best.

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