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This Howliday Season!

It’s that time of year again where owners are often left wondering what is okay for my pet to eat through the holiday’s. We want to spotlight a couple options that we really like and the nutritional benefits of the foods we feed our own fur babies!

The first food is obviously turkey! Turkey is a great source of protein but should not be fed with anything on it (seasoning or marinates). B vitamins, iron and tryptophan (has a calming effect) are also high in turkey and make it a healthy and delicious meal/snack option!

This holiday season, we at Stone Dog Inn & Spaw want your pets to have the comforts of home during the howlidays! For pets staying over Thanksgiving and Christmas we will be having our own holiday dinner. Dinner will be served with turkey, sweet potatoes and green beans. All topped with a bone broth gravy! Yum! We will be serving a large plate for $14 and a small one for $7 and you will be able to book these through ProPet very soon!

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