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Helping From Home

We cannot thank you all enough for the love and support we’ve been receiving over the last week. As a family-owned small business it’s hard not to think about how scary the situation is and we know so many of you are in the same boat. Even still, in all of this uncertainty we are doing our best to remain positive and hopeful that this will soon pass and we will all quickly make it to the other side. Many of our clients have been asking how they can help and there are actually several ways to help from home! We’ve made this list specific to Stone Dog, however these are great ways to help all of your favorite small businesses during these trying times.

Social Media - A great way to help support Stone Dog and show us some extra love from home is to hit up our social media accounts with likes, follows, shares and comments. Since so many of us are working from home or home-quarantined with the family, a short distraction can be fun. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and our Instagram accounts (@stonedoginn &!

Spread the word - Stone Dog Inn has always been a word of mouth company and we love how personal that keeps us. Love SDI? Telling your family, friends, neighbors and fellow dog parents means more to us than you will ever know. Staying in touch with friends and family can lift everyone's spirits and talking about your pup and sharing camp photos is a great conversation starter; sure to bring smiles to everyone's face. Remind them to mention you during the onboarding process to receive your referral credit for one free day of camp!

Reviews - Reviews are a HUGE way you can help from home. Our pups have a great time when visiting us at Stone Dog but they can’t always easily voice that to the world so we rely heavily on our pet parents to speak for them! Leaving a positive review on our Google Review, Yelp and Facebook pages are a great way to spread the word about SDI. Kindness is so important right now and one great review can lift our entire staff’s spirits.

Prepaid Packages & Gift Cards - As many of you know we offer Prepaid Package options as well as SDI Gift Cards. Purchasing packages and gift cards now for use later helps us to continue opening our doors on a daily basis to those pups whose parents are working around the clock in this crisis; as well as assisting us in taking care of our furloughed employees.

Stay in Touch - We completely understand why we won’t be seeing some of our pups in person during this time but we’d love to see them from home! Send us photos of your pup working from home and we will share them with our staff as well as on our Instagram. Pups working from home have great potential for fun photos and we could all use some laughter these days so let’s get to sharing! We’d love to get enough pups working from home photos to have a contest for some SDI swag!

Stay safe and healthy and we will see you soon!


Stone Dog Inn

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