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Introducing Puzzle Play!

Enrich your dog’s visit with some Puzzle Play Time!

Puzzles allow dogs to release mental energy, in addition to the physical energy they burn off during a day of play. A mentally tired pup is much less likely to be destructive, attention seeking, frustrated or anxious. Playing with a food puzzle gives your dog a job to do which fulfills a need that regular play may not.

Young puppies especially can benefit from puzzle games. It allows them to practice problem solving and focused attention. Exercising the brain from a young age through adulthood can help ensure you have a high functioning senior down the road.

Puzzle Play can be added onto any boarding stay or half and full day of camp. Puzzle sessions are 10 minutes long, fully supervised and one-on-one. We have a variety of puzzles to choose from so your pup will never get bored!

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