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Snow Safety for Dogs!

Boston dog boarding
Another fun snow day at The Stone Dog Inn!

It’s no secret that many dogs love the snow. While it is a blast to play in, one should use safety precautions for your pup!

If your dog is anything like mine, they go head first into the snow and come up happily snacking on snow. If you really think about it, would you let your dog drink rainwater? snow should be off limits as well. It’s great at hiding garbage, waste, and salt and chemicals. We have no idea what’s underneath the snow, so it’s best just to let them romp around and give them an ice cube instead.

You’ve all seen the funny videos online of dogs walking in booties and had a good laugh, but they are essential for your dogs winter health. Your dog's paws are not immune to frostbite. You have to be very cautious about the salt used as ice melt. Salt can cause burns on their paws. Dogs can also absorb antifreeze and other harmful chemicals through their pads so to be on the safe side, don’t skip the booties or paw wax. Make sure you clean their feet off when they come inside as well! (You can also buy pet-safe ice melt!)

Snow play time!

No one likes to be covered in or human. It’s really important when your dog comes inside to not only towel dry them, but to be sure there are no extra little bits of snow stuck in their fur. If you don’t, then your dog will take it into their own hands, and this may lead to excessive licking or chewing that can damage the skin. Your pup will thank you for removing them!

Cold and dry weather can also lead to dry skin. Coconut oil helps prevent dry, flaking skin. It’s a great natural moisturizer that will help keep your pet’s coat healthy. You can put it in their food or apply it topically. You could also add a skin and coat supplement to their diet.

Senior dogs may have a harder time in the winter. Cold weather often aggravates existing medical conditions, especially arthritis. Make sure you are maintaining your exercise regimen, but be mindful of the conditions outside, particularly ice. Also, make sure they have a nice, warm area to come home to! If you do not already give your dog a natural joint supplement to ease their arthritis, you may want to consider doing so for the winter months.

Remember to have fun with your pup. The winter season can be so much fun with a dog so be sure to enjoy every moment!

Interested in a setting up a meet & greet at the Stone Dog Inn? Click Here!

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