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The Benefits of Bone Broth!

One of the new trendy things people are talking about for not only people but for our furry friends is bone broth. But what is bone broth and why should I give it to my dog?

Bone broth is a forgotten superfood that has a wide variety of benefits for the digestive tract as well as the immune system and even joints. Bone broth is made by cooking down animal bones, primarily chicken and beef, and is very similar to stock but maintains all the added benefits. The reason it can be so beneficial for your pets is it is a very bioavailable source of nutrients. A.K.A bone broth can be very easily broken down and absorbed by your pet.

Bone broth is a great addition to your pet’s diet as it naturally improves gastrointestinal function and helps to maintain proper organ function. A healthy tummy, liver detox, immune system boost, reduced inflammation and joint and bone support are all functional benefits your pet will feel!

To learn all about the benefits of bone broth, you can read the full article here!

Here at Stone Dog Inn & Spaw, we offer bone broth in two ways for our daycare and boarding pups! Our grass-fed and pasture-raised bone broth can be found in our bone broth popsicles as well as our seasonal bone broth lattes. To book one of these options for your pet during their time here simply add it to your reservation on Propet!

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